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Citrine Hospitality - Our Story

The hospitality of the God's Own Country. Over the last few years, we have partnered with local authorities and business leaders to bring positive economic benefit to the people and communities wherever we operate. The brand's goal is to continuously evolve, responding to the changing needs of our guests, always striking the right note, always providing anticipatory yet unobtrusive service, and always delivering an unforgettable luxury experience in all our Hotels & Resorts.
Professional people

OUR Leadership Team

Under our founder's visionary leadership, the Group quickly expanded into new territories and other emerging markets. This strong pioneering spirit is now deeply entrenched in the way our leaders operate and make business decisions. Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise from different industries to chart new frontiers for the Group. They adopt a disciplined approach as part of an enterprise-wide risk management and governance framework. Our leaders are committed to taking a long-term view. Besides developing talent and capabilities within the company, they are driven to build an organisation that works to benefit and serve the people and communities where we operate.